Rest = Resiliency

June 9, 2018


My current health sitch + the recent loss of two inspiring public figures/leaders + my mentors + acupuncturist + self help books got me thinking: 

' how can I do less and rest more? '


If you know me even sorta well, you’re probably thinking either:

a. I’ve been telling you to rest for years, bish.

Or b. Did an alien steal your body/hack yr ig account? 


Since I was young, I enjoyed staying up late to work on anything: exploring the internet, sewing clothes to sell (my first entrepreneurial endeavor: Ashley's Amazing Accessories), or later in to high school: painting, drawing, listening to music, drinking.


 Last summer, I nearly lost my mind multiple times attempting to work my hardest which lead to too much caffeine/stimulants, no sleep, and not enough to eat. A for certain recipe for a crazy Ashley.


Since then, I've learned my lesson but fell off a few times. I've been knowing that sleep is good for me for ever, and becoming increasingly more important for my mental/physical health years... but it's super easy and for some reason attractive to me to fall back into my old ways of staying up late working on projects, thinking I'm being productive, and pretend that 3-5 hours of sleep is = to 7-8. Hint: it's not.


A few months ago my bff and I decided we should prioritize sleep. I even described being well rested as “feeling like I was on vacation”. That night, I proceeded to make a fucking vision board about feeling rested - instead of resting. So this kinda thrashey person is known to do p much anything but rest.


But no, it’s me. And although I’m not that good actually doing it yet, but when I do I feel really good and - calm. Like the really being rested and not just caffeinated actually calm. So I’ve been thinking:


What are the things I need to do to feel good/better/alive/*best*? And how do I prioritize them (oh yeah and making enough money to survive and stuff) so I can have time to rest? 


You guessed it, it’s inspiring me to prompt others to do the same. So what will it be? What makes you feel your good/better/not-as-shitty/even feels-like-your-on-vacation best? And will you choose to prioritize it/yourself?


Not only will it make you feel sane and more in control and on top of your shit, but you might actually begin to feel good. calm. centered. Less mercurial. Imagine that.


Will you choose to prioritize yourself and give yourself what you need to come down off the ledge of the ups and downs, swapping them out equilibrium? And if so how? Personal time, space, breath, rest or ?

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