200 HR YTT   
Seeking 500HRRYT

Ashley has been practicing for almost 20 years, but her practice and philosophy has changed and grown as she has. Yoga evolved from being a mindfulness practice as a young person into a coping skill in adolescence and now is a means of celebrating the gift of embodiment and vehicle for her pursuit of authentic self-search. Her curiosity in yogic philosophy and theory lead her to her first 200HR Teacher Training at Amrita Yoga and Wellness in Fishtown and she returned to Three Queens Yoga the next year to further her study with another alignment-based 200HR training. She is seeking her 500HR certification at Three Queens.


Teaching yoga is a result of her practice maturing and a way to share all of its benefits with her community. Ashley encourages her students with a sense of humor, ease, and energy and is always inviting conversation and question. Although she is an alignment-based teacher who believes yoga is for every body, she is a firm believer that there is no 'one way' to do yoga. She believes the true joy and beauty in yoga is the expression of each individuals practice... and not taking anything too seriously.

Learn Self-Massage

Learn how to alleviate aches and pains using self-massage methods with therapy balls during a private yoga lesson with Ashley!

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Root Down + Follow your heart 


June 9, 2018

December 19, 2017

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