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Yoga is not for the weak at heart.
We come to the mat in times of crisis, loss, fear, grief, and with hope. We come to our mats to maintain steadiness and calm. With practice, we rejuvenate our inner light, banishing darkness and cynicism. Sometimes we come to our mats in celebration, or to ground-down our mania.

Yoga brings us back to our true center: an awareness that everything we need is already inside us. Yoga unites our minds, bodies, and our deepest knowing. Together, we aim to live a life more deeply connected to the fire of our hearts. 


Yoga fans the flames of our hearts, reminding us how to shine more brilliantly & share this light with our communities.

Your participation is encouraged.


Private &

Semi-Private Sessions

Available by appointment

Yoga is Union. Yoga is for everyone.


Sometimes we need to lighten up. Sometimes we need to ground down. Sometimes we need a good nap.

Other times we just need a deep breath. What best serves you now?


Pranayama, Meditation, Restorative Yoga + 


Yogic Lifestyle + Self Care


Uses modern biomechanics and nerdy specific energy cues to create more space where you are tense and strengthen where you could use more support to keep you feeling your best.


a plethora of synergistic tools including guided breathwork, yin yoga, restful supported postures, gentle asana, Vedic thai bodywork, mindfulness, awareness, loving-kindness, mantra meditations with plenty of opportunities to explore what guides you to your true center.



pairs the sister science of yoga (Ayurveda) and DIY natural health solutions to help overcome seasonal struggles, and help you feel more balanced and supported within your own skin and the elements you are in. Includes basic Ayurvedic assessment, seasonal nutritional cleanse suggestions, recipes for meals + fun and easy

self-care regimen


Pranayama, Meditation, 

Restorative Yoga + Self-Massage

Pranayama, Meditation, 

Restorative Yoga + Self-Massage

Group + Corporate Classes
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  • If you are in need of an energetic and fun practice Ashley is your girl. She teaches classes with a strong theme and in depth knowledge of alignment. Ashley strives to make everyone feel welcome in her classes no matter if you are a yoga guru or just want to dip your toe in the water. Five stars for this girl. :)
    Katie B. 

  • An absolute joy to work with, working with very basic levels of my experience and giving you confidence to take risks in your routine while not pushing too hard as to make you uncomfortable. Very engaging and passionate about her practice!

    Alex S.

  • Ashley is a wonderful yoga instructor. During practice, she guides the class through poses with a clear, articulate voice, finding interesting ways to communicate certain movements to us. Ashley is very mindful of different capacities and levels in practice and provides great options to keep your body safe. I always leave class calm and energized and look forward to many more classes with her.

    Lauren K.

  • As I am a beginner yogi, Ashley is able to break down advanced terms and positions in a clear and simplified way for me understand the practice. Being in classes with advanced students, I feel safe and comfortable to be vulnerable in the practice thanks to Ashley's ability to make the class personal to each person no matter their ability.

    Kate T.


And office and apartment building calls!

If you are interested in starting a weekly practice, why not bring yoga to your place of work or residence?
I'm always happy to partner with organizations and bring yoga to your community. 


Reviews + Testimonials
  • She has a hundred percent positive upbeat personality of anyone I've ever met.she gives options for poses for people like myself that can't do some of them.

    Diane B.

  • Ashley is very explicit and creates imagery when explaining a pose and what and where you should feel the stretch. Her class is lighthearted and relaxed. She gives you options of mild or Spicey so you can challenge yourself. She has extensive knowledge of anatomy and can explain everything she is teaching us. I look forward to and enjoy her class.

    Joan S. 

  • Ashley is extremely informative! Got a question and she’s got an answer. Every class is filled with belly busting laughs, but also can be challenging in a good way! The day after the Eagles won the super bowl we had class, and I swear to god I was smelling the onions through my sweat from my victory cheesesteak. She’s fun, smart and always willing to give modifications if needed. You definitely can’t go wrong with her as an instructor.

    Jessica M. 

  • Ashley is an excellent instructor! She takes the time to explain each pose and gives modifications if needed for new people. She is very knowledgeable and professional. She always pushes us to learn more moves with a smile on her face. I have learned a lot from Ashley this past year and i look Forward to learning and growing with each class. I would refer her to everyone!

    Lisa D.




I'm always here to talk.


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